Three Wounded in Colorado Mass Shooting Sue Theater Owner

Three people wounded in July’s mass shooting at a Colorado multiplex are suing the owners of the theater, accusing them of not providing adequate security for the number of people expected to view the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” the night the gunman opened fire and killed 12 people.

Two lawsuits were filed against Cinemark USA Inc., owner of Century Aurora 16, alleging negligence on the part of the corporation because the theater lacked adequate security or sufficient alarm systems.

The three shooting-spree victims argue that an alarm should have been connected to the door the shooter entered during the midnight showing, as reported by TMZ. They also claim that the theater’s employees failed to help moviegoers escape from the theater.

The lawsuit also states that “there was no action taken by the theater employees to safely evacuate the many people” in the theater once the shooting spree got underway.

One victim’s posterior was injured, another’s left leg was injured and his right arm was almost lost. The third victim’s right ankle and knee were damaged. They were among the 58 wounded victims.

Unfortunately, the shooting spree resulted in twelve moviegoers losing their lives to this horrible tragedy. The shooter faces murder and attempted murder charges.

The judge presiding over the criminal case ruled on Friday that some documents in the court file can be publicly released, but arrest and search warrants that detail specifics of the crime will remain sealed because of the ongoing investigation.

On Friday the Mayor of Aurora said that Cinemark plans to re-open the theater sometime next year, which has been closed since the shooting.

Do you think the movie theater should have hired adequate security in anticipation for the huge crowd coming to see the Batman premiere? Would you expect to see security at a theater in your hometown at the opening of a movie showing prior to this massacre? What security measures would you hope were in place in the event that this were to happen at your local theater?

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