Three Pedestrians Injured When a Construction Wall Collapses Near Times Square

Premises liability cases many times stem from the negligent actions of a property owner. But there are circumstances in which it’s possible to pursue this type of claim against another party depending on the specifics that turn up in the case. This may be the exact situation in a recent construction accident that injured three pedestrians.

It occurred at a construction site near Times Square. A huge plywood wall—some witnesses indicated was approximately 15 feet high—collapsed at Seventh Avenue and W. 40th Street. Two women trapped underneath were pulled out by bystanders, according to multiple media reports. One was of them was bleeding. A third male was also injured. All three victims were transported to Bellevue Hospital.

A report indicates that the construction wall wasn’t properly secured to the building. There were also high winds (about 43 mph) at the time of the accident. A Texas-based company, Einstein Construction Group, was cited for violations. The company was also ordered to stop working on the site. However, it claims it was not at fault as the company wasn’t responsible for the exterior work.

Determining Fault in a Premises Liability Case

When it comes to injuries on commercial property, it is almost always the responsibility of the occupier or owner to ensure the safety of patrons. In the aforementioned accident, although it might have occurred near commercial property, it could be that the construction company is liable, though the facts of the case will ultimately determine liability.

An investigation into the matter will eventually uncover what led to the wall collapse and who was responsible. It’s an excellent example of how complicated these types of cases can be and a compelling reason to seek legal advice. Check out more of our news-related stories from New York and around the country.

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