Three Dangerous Toys and Tips for Preventing Child Injuries

Not all toys that pose dangers to children are removed from the shelves. Instead, parents and caregivers need to be aware of the risks of certain products and know what they can do to reduce the possibility of injury. The following are three types of toys that can pose a risk to children, and some tips to prevent injury.

Toys with Lasers

Toy guns, lightsabers, flashlights, pointers, and spinning tops are just some examples of gadgets that may include a laser. However, shining them directly into someone’s eyes could lead to vision problems.

The following are tips for preventing injuries caused by toys with lasers: 

  • never point or shine a laser directly into the eyes;
  • choose laser products that include the label 21 CFS (Code of Federal Regulations); and
  • don’t shine the laser toward a reflective surface.

Toys with Small Parts

Many toy products contain small parts that can be dangerous when swallowed. These pose choking hazards, particularly for younger children. Parents and caregivers are advised not to buy these products for children who are three years and under.

The following are tips for preventing injuries caused by toys with small parts: 

  • make sure parts that children may pull or twist are adequately secured;
  • avoid products with very small balls or marbles; and
  • make sure small parts don’t have points or sharp edges.

Toys with Magnets

Magnetic toys are not only dangerous to smaller children but even older ones and teenagers who could suffer serious injuries if they ingest the magnets. These can cause internal damage to the digestive tract, intestines and stomach if the magnets attract each other inside the body. In some cases it may even cause death.

The following are tips for preventing injuries caused by toys with magnets: 

  • keep magnets away from younger children prone to putting things in their mouths;
  • talk to older children and teens about the dangers of magnets, especially in products such as fake piercings in the nose or mouth; and
  • avoid purchasing products with magnets in large quantities, as keeping track of them is difficult.

In the event of injury related to a defective or improperly labeled product, parents may pursue compensation for related damages through a liability claim. Call 800-246-4878 for help pursuing legal action.

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