Thirty-Five Women File Suit Linking Nexium to Bone Fractures

(July 28, 2011)

Around this time two months ago, the first lawsuit was filed against Nexium manufacturer AstraZeneca due to the drug’s increased risk of bone fractures among those who take the acid reflux medication.

Shortly after, thirty-five women filed a separate lawsuit with the same drug. Among those women is 62-year-old Janice Allen, who says, “I’ve had two in [fractures] in the left, one in the right foot, two ribs and now my left ankle. You’re not getting to really participate in anything, and I have grandchildren, you know. And I want to take them to the park, and you can’t do those things. I’m terrified that I may have my next break.”

The lawsuit claims that AstraZeneca was aware of the risks, yet they failed to warn patients or doctors of these risks. The majority of women who are claiming their use of Nexium has led to broken bones are in their 40s and 50s, and studies have shown women in this age group are at a 40 percent greater risk of injury than males.

If you have taken Nexium and have experienced any bone fractures as a result, you may be entitled to file a dangerous drug claim. contact one of our attorneys at 1-800-246-4878 to see if you are eligible.

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