The Fatal 4 Accidents on a Construction Site

In the US, nearly 20% of workplace fatalities occurred on a construction site for the year 2010, according to Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA). A New York workplace injury lawyer can explain your rights when you or a loved one suffer injury or death on a construction site or any other workplace if another’s negligence was to blame.

The mandate of OSHA is to enforce and set industry standards, as well as provide training, outreach, and assistance. OSHA reports that the most prominent causes of fatalities on a construction site are the following:

  • falls;
  • electrocution;
  • struck by an object; and
  • caught in / between.

Dubbed the fatal four, nearly three of every five construction worker deaths can be attributed to these accidents, based on a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provided by OSHA. OSHA indicates that “eliminating the Fatal Four would save 437 workers’ lives in America every year.”

In addition, OSHA lists the following seven most common regulation violations in the areas of:

  • scaffolding;
  • fall security;
  • respiratory safety;
  • ladders;
  • machine guarding;
  • electrical systems design; and
  • hazard communications.

Contacting a New York Workplace Injury Attorney

If your construction site violated OSHA’s regulations, or your employer or other third party was negligent about safety standards, you may be entitled to other types of compensation beyond workers’ comp. Located in New York, the law offices of Gacovino, Lake & Associates have a network of workplace injury attorneys that represent clients nationwide. To learn more about your rights and what damages you may be able to receive, call 800-246-4878 today for a complementary consultation.

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