Ten Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips

There is no better time to enjoy the open roads on a motorcycle than in the summer. However, safety should remain at the forefront of every rider’s mind. 

The following are 10 motorcycle driving tips that may make your summer riding safer: 

  • never drink and ride;
  • wear a helmet, which may significantly reduce risk of a serious head injury;
  • wear protective clothing (jacket, long pants, boots, etc.);
  • be aware of road hazards (e.g. weather conditions, debris, wet/slippery roads, etc.);
  • whether or not your state requires it, take a motorcycle safety course;
  • learn the most common causes of motorcycle accidents;
  • seek and receive professional training even if you feel you are a good rider;
  • the rules of the road apply to all vehicles including motorcyclists, so obey them and always operate the bike within your current level of ability;
  • don’t share your lane with another vehicle, even if you are riding with friends; and
  • make sure your bike is well-maintained, and check vital components before every ride. 

In addition, remember that other motorists may not respect your rights to the road. Therefore, you could be at risk of being cut off or a vehicle may fail to yield your right of way. Be observant of other drivers because you might not be visible to them. Other vehicles or buildings can obstruct their view of your bike. 

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