Study Reveals the 10 Most Dangerous Toys of this Year

Study Reveals the 10 Most Dangerous Toys of this YearAn average of 150,000 children are sent to emergency rooms each year.

Recently, the results of the largest study of its kind were released, reporting on children’s hospitalization rates from toys. Researchers reviewed data from the past 20 years and found that every three minutes in the United States a child received emergency treatment as a result of a toy-related injury.

Although about 98 percent of the injuries were not life threatening, the majority of children who had extended hospital stay sustained injuries from ride-on toys, such as scooters.

In 2002-2003 when the popularity of scooters was at an all-time high, researchers noted a substantial increase in E.R. visits. This study only analyzed non-fatal injuries, such as falls, swallowing or inhaling, collisions, etc.

The organization W.A.T.C.H. warns parents about potential risks of certain products. It releases a list of the 10 Worst Toys each year. This year, the Air Storm Firetek Bow was in the top spot! Ride-on toys, such as electric-powered mini-cars, scooters, wagons and bicycles made up more than one third of all toy-related injuries.

The Air Storm shoots out glowing darts, which could be dangerous at close range, potentially causing bleeding, retinal detachment or cataracts. This toy does not come with any protective glasses or safety goggles. The Radio Flyer Ziggle, a four-wheeled cycle, was also on the list. There is a warning on the packaging that the Ziggle should not be used near pools, sloped driveways, motor vehicles, hills, steps or streets. So how could it be used safely?

Some other products on W.A.T.C.H.’s list include a hammer for killing Orcs, a Bottle Rocket Party, toy gun and a pencil-slash-catapult. Some of the names of these toys are a good indication that they may not be the safest toy choices for children, but other products that seem harmless, can pose risks, as well. A baby doll with a removable bow, a toy with long, unsecured hair and an alphabet-pulling toy for toddlers, all seem perfectly innocent, but can be dangerous.

The problem with recalled products are they often end up on Craigslist or in garage sales, putting more children at risk. It is estimated that only 5 percent of recalled products are returned, leaving 95 percent in homes, risking children.

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