Study: Behaviors that New Drivers Exhibit May Indicate Future Unsafe Driving

Attitudes and behaviors developed in new drivers could be a strong predictor of future driving behaviors. That’s what a new study published in Injury Prevention indicates.

So when new drivers (who are most often teenagers), take risks behind the wheel without repercussions, it is likely they will continue to engage in these behaviors.

One of the specific behaviors that new drivers engage in is speeding. Those with a tendency to drive over the limit were more likely to be speeders with the passage of time.

Yet these drivers don’t necessarily view speeding as risky. This may be attributed to believing that with experience, it becomes easier to handle a vehicle.

These findings suggest that perhaps in addition to teaching new drivers the necessary skills, there should be an emphasis placed on shaping driving attitudes and behaviors. It could prevent an accident.

Riskiest Type of Driving Behaviors

There are other types of risky driving behaviors that can put the lives of others on the road in danger. One is using gadgets and devices.

It can be hard for some drivers to put the phone down or to refrain from shooting off a text message or checking Facebook. Yet these types of dangerous behaviors take place every day on our roads.

Drivers can be distracted while inputting data into a navigational system or changing dials on the radio. Anytime eyes are off the road, this poses the risk of an accident.

Another type of risky driving is violating traffic laws or becoming aggressive behind the wheel. This can stem from all sorts of reasons, such as running late or feeling stressed. Examples include running red lights, weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating and cutting off other vehicles.

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