Road Conditions May Be Factor in Car Accident Injuring 6 People

Car crashes tend to be the result of driver error. But there can be other factors that play into an accident as well, such as road conditions. That may have been the case when the driver of a car lost control in Midtown Manhattan, jumped a curb, and injured six people. The driver also sustained injuries. Wet roads were suspected as a contributing factor to the accident.

The good news is that the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, though an 11-month-old baby who was in a stroller is in serious condition.

Accidents Caused by Road Conditions

Besides the standard inclement weather difficulties, debris can also be a contributing factor to accidents caused by road conditions. Another potential problem with a road is when it’s not properly maintained. For instance, the harsh winter months can create potholes that not only damage vehicles but may result in loss of driver control. Deterioration or fading of lines in the street that mark lanes are other examples of road conditions that contribute to accidents.

The design of a road could be a hazard, too. There may be obstacles that make it difficult to see oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. There can be confusion with the direction of lanes.

Even the signage can be uncertain, resulting in a driver making a wrong maneuver. Although it seems like the state government would take pains to repair any obstacles in or near a road, it is an unfortunate fact that local governments must weigh the cost of a road repair with the possible negative outcome, and sometimes work gets delayed.

Car Accidents, Poor Road Conditions and Liability

Even if road conditions are not ideal it’s not necessarily an excuse for a driver who ends up injuring someone. It might be that the person wasn’t paying attention or didn’t slow down when it was necessary. News reports from the accident noted that it wasn’t clear what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, although authorities were not planning to bring criminal charges.

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