Recalled Trampolines Pose Puncture Wound Hazard

When we bring a product into our homes, we expect it to fulfill its purpose; we don’t expect it to cause serious injury. But if a product is defective, it can do just that. A recent recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) involves trampolines that could cause deep puncture wounds or, at the very least, pose a falling hazard. 

Sportspower Trampoline Recall 

Sportspower, Ltd., in cooperation with the CPSC, has recalled its Parkside model trampolines because of an injury hazard. The metal legs of the trampolines may move out of position and can then tear or puncture the jumping area. 

Children or adults using these trampolines could suffer deep puncture wounds, lacerations or bruises. While one incident in which a leg punctured the surface was reported, no injuries were reported. 

The recall affects about 23,400 units sold exclusively at Sports Authority stores nationwide. The trampolines were available between April 2007 and May 2012 and cost $540. The model number is TR-14FT-COM. 

That number can be found both on the packaging and in the instruction manual. The recalled trampolines are 14 ft. across and came with an enclosure net framed with blue or light blue fabric. 

Anyone who purchased these trampolines has been advised by the CPSC to immediately cease use of the product. You can contact Sportspower to ask for a free repair kit. 

What to Do If Injured by a Defective Product 

Manufacturers have a responsibility and trust to uphold with American consumers. When that trust is broken and a consumer is injured, manufacturer negligence may warrant filing a claim for damages. An attorney who is familiar with defective product law can help you evaluate your case and even gain compensation for your injuries. Contact a defective product attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates for a free consultation. Call us today at: 1-800-246-4878.

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