Q: What is coal ash or fly ash?

What is coal ash or fly ash?

Fly ash is airborne residue that is produced as a byproduct of burning coal. This type of coal ash is named because it flies into the air, unlike bottom ash which collects at the bottom of the burning chamber. Because fly ash is lighter and travels into the air it becomes a health risk for those who work and live around coal-burning facilities.

Workers in coal-burning facilities and residents near these types of industrial areas are at a high risk of breathing in coal ash. Over time, inhaling fly ash can cause individuals to develop chronic illnesses. The damages caused by exposure to coal ash can be compensated through a personal injury claim.

Depending on the type of coal ash produced from the burning coal, fly ash can contain a number of toxic substances such as:

• lead;
• manganese;
• arsenic;
• cadmium;
• boron;
• silicon dioxide;
• cobalt;
• mercury;
• calcium oxide; and
• selenium.

Many of these substances are known carcinogens and can create adverse health problems such as lung damage and several types of cancer. The EPA has taken steps to try and regulate the disposal of fly ash, but currently this type of coal ash has not been classified as a hazardous substance. Despite this, many personal injury claims can be filed when serious illnesses are linked to long-term exposure to fly ash.

When filing a personal injury claim for conditions caused by exposure to fly ash or coal ash, you should have an experienced personal injury lawyer helping you with your claim. It may be difficult to prove that the coal-burning plants are responsible for your illnesses and suffering without an experienced personal injury lawyer helping fight for your personal injury claim.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

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