Q: What is benzene and where might I be exposed to it in New York?

What is benzene and where might I be exposed to it in New York?

Prolonged benzene exposure can lead to benzene poisoning which causes numerous health problems. Benzene is a chemical found in many industrial products and workplaces. Workers and consumers who suffer from benzene exposure can work with a toxic tort attorney to file an injury claim for the damages they suffer from benzene poisoning.

Benzene exposure is common for individuals who work in industrial settings such as gas stations, hazardous waste sites, mechanic shops, and any other production processes where crude and refined oil is used.

Many industrial products also contain benzene such as:

• detergents;
• pesticides;
• dyes;
• rubbers;
• solvents;
• explosives;
• plastics; and
• lubricants.

Benzene poisoning can also occur from individuals who live in areas with high amounts of industrial or vehicle emissions. It is also commonly found in cigarette smoke, so long-term smokers also increase their risk for benzene poisoning.

If you have been diagnosed with conditions related to benzene exposure, you may be able to hold another party accountable for your injuries. A toxic tort attorney can review your case to determine if the negligence of another party such as your employer or an industrial plant may have wrongfully subjected you to benzene exposure.

Filing a claim for benzene exposure can be a difficult case to prove without the help of an experienced toxic tort attorney. You will need to provide evidence of your exposure as well as the damages you suffered due to benzene poisoning. A toxic tort attorney can help you accomplish this as you seek compensation for the damaging effects this substance has had on your health.

Contacting a New York Toxic Tort Attorney

Environmental law can cover many types of serious illnesses and injuries that can be both acute and chronic. Your family may have suffered immediate damages from a toxic accident or the effects of exposure may not manifest for years down the line. In any case, you deserve experienced legal help from a toxic tort attorney to get you compensation for your damages.

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