Q: What happens if I was injured in a collision caused by an uninsured driver in New York?

What happens if…

Q: I was injured in a collision caused by an uninsured driver in New York?

A: When an uninsured driver causes your accident in New York, you will likely benefit from the help of a Bronx accident attorney. A Bronx accident attorney can work on your behalf to help you seek compensation through a New York personal injury claim.

New York law states that drivers carry personal injury liability insurance in the minimum amounts of $25,000 per individual and $50,000 per accident. The same limits apply to uninsured motorist coverage in New York.

Despite the fact that insurance is mandatory, you may have been the victim of a collision with an uninsured driver. This is particularly true in current economic times, in which people may be struggling to make ends meet and may allow their coverage to lapse, despite New York State Department of Motor Vehicles penalties.

When you are injured because of an uninsured driver or a hit and run driver, a Bronx accident attorney can advise you on the extent of your legal rights. A Bronx accident attorney understands that despite the law, there are still drivers out there who fail to carry adequate coverage, if they have it at all.

According to the Insurance Research Council, approximately 1 in every 20 New York drivers is uninsured. This puts you at risk for a huge financial burden.

In addition, insurance companies may attempt to deny or reduce your claim settlement. By purchasing uninsured motorist coverage and consulting with a Bronx accident attorney, you’ve taken the first steps toward protecting your New York personal injury claim. A Bronx accident attorney can examine the limits of your own insurance policy and can help you to pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

Contacting a Bronx Accident Attorney

When you have sustained a serious injury or lost a loved because of negligence you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages and suffering. Consulting with a Bronx accident attorney can help you better understand your rights, determine liability for your injuries and decide if filing a New York personal injury claim is right for you.

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