Q: In New York, what determines who is responsible for a traffic accident?

When determining who is responsible for a traffic accident in New York, there is no formula, individual or committee that will make the determination. Sometimes it is obvious who is at fault for an accident. Other times, an investigation will be necessary to find out who is to blame. A police officer or a court will assess the facts of the case. They will also consider the traffic laws and regulations governing the state. For instance, if it is determined that one of the drivers made an illegal turn, that driver is likely the one at fault for the traffic accident.

Common Causes of New York Traffic Accidents

Some common causes of a New York traffic accident include:

• failing to properly stop at a stop sign or stoplight;
• making an illegal turn; and
• failing to yield the right-of-way to another nearby driver.

If another driver is guilty of one of these illegal actions, they are likely the one at fault for the traffic accident.

Unclear Causes of a New York Traffic Accident

Sometimes it is unclear who was at fault for a traffic accident. For instance, if 2 drivers simultaneously switch lanes, it will be difficult to determine which driver was at fault. It is also difficult to determine fault under adverse weather conditions. In any case, if you have been in a New York traffic accident, you should immediately get help from an experienced Staten Island car accident lawyer.

Contacting a Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer

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