Q: What are the side effects of Ambien?

What are the side effects of Ambien?

Ambien side effects fall into 2 categories: normal and serious. The normal side effects are typical of many prescription drugs, but the serious Ambien side effects are what contribute to Ambien’s reputation as a potentially dangerous drug.

The basic Ambien side effects include:

• drowsiness;
• delayed reaction time;
• dizziness;
• loss of coordination;
• headache;
• blurred vision;
• unusual dreams;
• upset stomach;
• gastrointestinal abnormality; and
• unusual sensations in extremities (tingling, shaking, aches).

Those are the general Ambien side effects and are not considered to be a dangerous drug issue as long as they are not severe or persistent. You should always openly communicate with your prescribing physician regarding any Ambien side effects that are cause for concern.

The more severe Ambien side effects are uncontrolled sleeping behaviors that many users have experienced. Patients prescribed Ambien even under normal dosages have reported sleepwalking, driving, eating or making phone calls without their knowledge. They awake later with no memory of the event and only come to learn of the uncontrolled sleeping behaviors after talking to witnesses.

A potentially dangerous drug like Ambien should only be prescribed by a medical professional and your condition should be monitored while using this medication. To prevent serious Ambien side effects, you should contact your doctor immediately with any conditions that cause you concern.

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