Q: Under what circumstances can I seek compensation in addition to New York Workers’ Compensation?

Can I seek compensation in addition to Workers’ Compensation?

A New York Workers’ Compensation lawyer may be able to secure some compensation for you in addition to Worker’s Compensation if:

• your employment/contract exempts you from Workers’ Compensation benefits;
• a defective product was the cause of your injury;
• you were injured while working at an elevation (scaffold, ladder, etc.);
• your injury was caused by gross negligence of another employee oremployer; and
• negligence that led to your work injury was caused by someone other than the employer.

There may be special circumstances where additional compensation can be received in addition to what you are entitled to under New York Workers’ Compensation. A New York Workers’ Compensation lawyer can evaluate the details of your situation to determine if this is such a case.

Workers’ Compensation benefits are required by New York law, so that if an employee is injured while working, they are covered. Coverage can include medical expenses, lost wages and other injury-related expenses.

In general you are limited, if not prevented, from receiving compensation that is in addition to your Worker’s Compensation; however, there are some exceptions and a New York Workers’ Compensation lawyer can better explain these exceptions and if they apply to your particular case.

It is especially important in cases like this that you immediately consult with your New York Workers’ Compensation lawyer so that you can receive all of the compensation you are entitled. You want to ensure that all possible avenues have been explored and that you fully understand your legal rights.

Contacting a New York Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you cannot earn an income because of an accident on the job then you deserve all the income possible from every avenue, whether it is from Workers’ Compensation or otherwise. When you have sustained a serious injury or lost a loved one because of a work injury, you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages and suffering.

Consulting with a Worker’s Compensation lawyer can help you better understand your rights, determine liability for your injuries, and decide if filing a personal injury claim is right for you.

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