Q: Can I file a medical malpractice claim if a doctor fails to diagnose my condition?

You have the right in New York to file a medical malpractice claim against the doctor who failed to diagnose your condition. This may help recover the necessary compensation to pay your medical bills, seek additional treatment and other related expenses to the injury.

Dealing with Insurance Companies and Hospitals

Your New York medical malpractice lawyer will help you go through the often complex legal process of recovering compensation when medical negligence results in serious injury. These proceedings can involve insurance companies and hospitals that will attempt to settle quickly in order to avoid costly legal fees. In other cases, they may deny your claim altogether, resulting in the need to go to court.

More often than not, the amount insurance companies and hospitals offer in compensation is far below what those injuries will cost you and your loved ones in lost wages and medial treatment that resulted from a failure to diagnose your condition.

Proving medical malpractice

Your New York medical malpractice lawyer will assist you and your loved ones in gathering and examining medical records and other evidence. You can call upon expert medical testimony in court to prove your claim is valid, and show that the doctor violated the standard of care when he or she failed to diagnose your condition – this is called Causation.

In some scenarios, you may have been harmed by how the doctor handled your treatment or the medication prescribed. As a result, this could have masked symptoms that may have led to the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Consulting with an experienced New York medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine if medical negligence led to your injuries and what your legal options are for seeking compensation.

Contacting a New York medical malpractice Lawyer

When you have sustained a serious injury or lost a loved because of medical negligence, you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages and suffering. Consulting with a New York medical malpractice lawyer can help you better understand your rights, determine liability for your injuries and decide if filing a medical malpractice claim is right for you.

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