Preventing a Serious Motorcycle Head Injury: 3 Tips for Buying the Right Helmet

Choosing a new helmet to go along with your new bike can be just as difficult as choosing the bike. With so many makes, models, and price points available, it can be hard to know which helmet is right for you.

  • Make sure it carries a U.S. Department of Transportation certification, which should be noted with a sticker on the backside of the helmet. This ensures it has been tested and complies with federal regulations.
  • Perform a quick test in-store to make sure that the helmet will not come off if you are in a wreck. You can do this by fastening the helmet and then from the back, try to roll it off of your head. If it comes off – continue your search.
  • Make sure it’s comfortable. You’ll be less likely to wear a helmet if it’s uncomfortable. Remember, tight or heavy doesn’t always mean safer.
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