Preparing for a Medical Malpractice Attorney Consultation

Preparing for your initial medical malpractice attorney consultation can eliminate wasted time and may help expedite filing your claim – if it’s determined you should proceed with your case, of course. Knowing what documents to have ready and what questions to ask an attorney can help make the process smoother. 

There can be a lot at stake for injured victims. Not only do you face the process of your physical and emotional healing and recovery, but you also likely will be burdened with medical expenses. The more severe your injuries or more treatment you require, the higher those costs may be. Get things moving by arriving prepared for a legal consultation. 

Questions to Expect from Your Attorney 

Not only should you prepare a list of questions to ask an attorney, but you also should come prepared to answer the attorney’s questions, too. Be ready to provide information on your medical background, including diagnoses you have received and medical treatment. You need to explain in detail the circumstances surrounding your illness or injuries, including what led up to it and what happened after the incident. 

Your attorney likely will ask of what type of malpractice you believe you are a victim. Was it a surgical error, a medication mix-up, a misdiagnosis or something else? Who are you claiming to be liable for your injuries? Was it a nurse, surgeon or an emergency room staff member who you believe was negligent? 

The attorney will need information about the impact your injury or illness has had on your life. Are you unable to work? How much time has been missed, and do you anticipate continuing to be out of work? 

Documents Necessary for Your Medical Malpractice Attorney Consultation 

Coming prepared includes bringing forms, records and other paperwork related to your case. The more documentation an attorney has available to review, the more informed he or she will be about your case and whether you have a case of malpractice. 

The following are some of the types of documents that should be brought to your initial consultation: 

  • list of the names and dosages of prescription medications;
  • pay stubs or other records to show lost income;
  • medical records;
  • medical invoices, statements and bills;
  • health insurance policies; and
  • anything else that may be pertinent to your case. 

Questions to Ask at Your First Medical Malpractice Attorney Consultation 

You likely will have many questions for your medical malpractice attorney. A consultation should focus on your specific circumstances, but it’s important to ask questions that pertain to the attorney’s knowledge and experience. 

For instance, ask if he or she specializes in medical malpractice. How many of these types of cases has he or she handled in the past? You also may ask how many of them were won and lost. What’s more, many of these cases are settled out of court, but other times they go to trial. Ask the attorney if he or she has litigated medical malpractice claims. 

Of course, you will want to ask about legal fees. Will you only have to pay if you win? Is there a certain percentage the attorney will take? What other fees will you have to pay? 

Before you attend your medical malpractice attorney consultation, write down a list of questions to ask an attorney ahead of time. This way, you won’t forget any of them. A consultation can seem like an overwhelming process, but much of that anxiety can be alleviated by coming prepared. 

Seeking Help from a Long Island Medical Malpractice Attorney 

For help with your case, contact an attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates in Long Island. Call us today to schedule your free medical malpractice attorney consultation. 

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