“Prank” at Nursing Home Results in Battery Charges

November 29, 2010 – Calhoun, GA – What appears to have started as a “simple prank” has resulted in charges of battery for a nursing home employee, News Channel 9 reports.  According to Calhoun Police Chief Garry Moss, Christy Myranda Hardin-Simerly, 20, of Adairsville, has been charged with battery. As described by the police chief, Hardin-Simerly “intentionally made physical contact with a patient at a local nursing home” despite the patient’s protests.    Hardin-Simerly, a certified nursing assistant, is employed at Calhoun Health Care.  According to police reports, Hardin-Simerly placed an 83-year-old woman, a patient at Calhoun Health Care, in a wheelchair and began to spin the woman repeatedly. The elderly woman asked Hardin-Simerly to stop, but Hardin-Simerly continued to spin the wheelchair. Police have been told that Hardin-Simerly also dropped ice down the back of the elderly woman.  Police have gathered that the incident was supposed to be an innocent prank, though it evolved into something more serious.  “Once the victim voiced a complaint,” said public information officer Lt. Tony Pyle, “the offender was obligated to stop her actions.”  Despite the victim’s protests, Hardin-Simerly continued her offensive actions. At this point, Pyle said, the actions and continued physical contact became “insulting” and “of a provoking nature.”  Although Hardin-Simerly has been charged with simple battery, it is unknown whether a nursing home abuse claim will be filed by the patient or the patient’s family.

Contacting a New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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