Powermate Generators Recalled Because of Fire, Explosion Hazard

Trust Emergency Appliances with Caution 

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, some Americans are turning to generators and other storm preparedness materials for safety. 

The generators were recalled because of a risk of fire or explosions. The fuel filters in the generators may be defective. They allow the machines to leak gasoline, creating the fire and explosion hazard. 

Details of Powermate Generators Recall 

The recall affects about 7,700 Powermate Sx5500 portable generators. The machines have “Powermate 5500” printed on the side of their red frames. The generators are black and have two black wheels. The serial numbers of the recalled units include K003xxxxxQ through K090xxxxxQ. 

So far, the importer, Pramac America, has received 51 reports of gas leaks. The defective generators were sold at Home Depot stores in areas of the northeast, mid-west and southeast America between February and August of 2012. The machines retail at about $550. If you purchased one of the Powermate portable generators, contact Pramac for a free repair kit, which includes a replacement filter and other parts. 

Claims for Defective Products 

Product defects may stem from errors in design or manufacturing. Your claim would be against the importer or manufacturer of the product if you were injured while using that product, as long as you are using it for its intended purpose. 

For instance, users of the Powermate 5500 may not have immediately been aware of the defect as generators are normally purchased for storage and subsequent use only a couple times a year. You can contact an attorney about a defective product at any time during its usage if you were injured. 

If you have more questions about defective products or product liability claims, consult a product liability attorney. You can be sure that the company against which you are filing the lawsuit will have lawyers; you should have a lawyer on your side, too. 

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