Physical Abuse of Nursing Home Resident Captured on Video

A nursing home resident’s vulnerability can open him or her up to abuse. But when the person is disabled, he or she is especially defenseless against those who choose to cause him or her harm. That was the unfortunate reality for a 55-year-old patient at Split Rock Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in the Bronx.

A licensed practical nurse was captured on video assaulting the disabled man. Video surveillance shows the 46-year-old nursing home worker pushing the resident against the wall and punching him in the neck. The disabled patient sustained injuries to his buttocks and neck in the incident.

When questioned about the incident, the worker lied and said the scuffle broke out when he took the resident’s milk away. Now he’s facing charges for falsifying records and endangerment.

Recognizing Signs of Nursing Home Abuse 

Visible signs of physical harm, such as bruises and cuts, can be an indication of abuse. Anytime there are unexplained marks or injuries, family members should inquire about them and investigate, especially if the resident is emotionally or physically incapable of explaining his or her side of things. But not all signs are outward. Many times residents who are victims of abuse display other signs.

Examples of mental signs of abuse may include: 

  • isolation;
  • withdrawal from others;
  • acting fearful around a caregiver;
  • depression; or
  • otherwise seems different or affected.

Sometimes residents are victims of neglect or emotional abuse. Families who have concerns about the care a loved one is receiving in a nursing home should take up these matters with the facility itself.

If at any point it’s uncovered that the person suffered injuries because of abuse or neglect, seek legal counsel as soon possible. An attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates can help look into the case and discuss the options to pursue legal action against the nursing home facility or employee.

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