Phthalate Increase Seen in Children’s Products

The safety of phthalates – chemicals found in many types of plastics and other products (such as perfumes, building materials and nail polish) – have been in question for several years. In 2009, three types of phthalates were permanently banned from children’s products because of potential health risks.

Prior research has found possible links between these chemicals and infertility in men as a result of lower sperm quality. For pregnant woman, the possibility of preterm delivery and even disruption in the genital development of boys has been traced to phthalates. For children, potential behavior problems, similar to those seen in children with autism, have been tied to phthalates.

Since the ban in children’s products, new research suggests exposure has been successfully lowered. However, there is also an indication that children now face an increase in exposure from phthalates in products that haven’t been banned, with similar types of health risks.

Experts believe that manufacturers may be replacing the banned phthalates with new ones that haven’t been subject to the ban. Yet, they could be just as hazardous. Or they may even be more dangerous than those that were banned.

Although in general it’s believed exposure is very low for consumers, the inconsistency in research does raise concerns. Clearly, more studies need to be conducted to determine the long-term health risks of this chemical. But consumers can take measures to protect themselves by purchasing phthalate-free products.

Seeking Legal Advice When a Chemical in a Product Causes Injury or Death

When a manufacturer develops a product that is hazardous to consumers, it could allow for compensation when it results in serious or fatal injuries. Evidence of this can sometimes be shown through studies conducted on the specific chemical. Or it could be the product has been recalled.

Gacovino, Lake & Associates regularly blogs about recalled products and problems with potentially dangerous toys in particular. Proving that chemicals in a product has caused physical harm can have some challenges. To learn if a product liability claim could be filed, contact an attorney today at Gacovino, Lake & Associates (800) 550-0000.

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