Pfizer Settles for $491 Million for Rapamune False Claims Act

Pfizer settled a civil lawsuit which alleged that Wyeth, acquired by Pfizer in 2009, engaged in illegal off-label marketing of the organ transplant drug Rapamune, but at a hefty price. In addition, Wyeth will plead guilty to a misdemeanor misbranding offense resulting from the same set of facts as the civil suit.

Pfizer reported that they will pay $491 million to settle the lawsuit, and that they also struck a deal with the Department of Justice to settle “Wyeth’s historical promotional practices in connection with Rapamune.” Pfizer agreed to pay $257 million to resolve the civil allegations, as well as $234 million to resolve the criminal allegations regarding Rapamune.

The DOJ has been investigating allegations that Wyeth promoted Rapamune for unauthorized uses and paid kickbacks to doctors.

In addition, back in August, Pfizer disclosed that its Wyeth unit had reached a separate settlement due to government investigation regarding its heartburn drug Protonix, where Wyeth will pay $55 million, plus interest, to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Cosmetic Act yet, refuses to say that they were at fault.

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