Pedestrian killed in accident, result of a dangerous intersection?

Tragedy struck at an intersection – cited by many East Harlem residents as dangerous – on Veterans Day, which was also the victim’s birthday. The victim was the mother of a Navy servicewoman, who was at the Veterans Day parade when she learned of her own mother’s death, was killed on her 65th birthday, according to news reports.

The fatal accident occurred as a result of a taxicab and box truck colliding, which sent the truck onto the sidewalk. The victim, who was walking with her boyfriend at the time, was pinned against a fence by the truck.

It’s believed that five other people, including a young girl, had been inside the taxi at the time of the crash and were also badly injured, per media reports. They were transported to a local hospital. Although it’s not clear yet what caused the collision, residents indicate that vehicles have a difficult time seeing the traffic lights when they are underneath the overpass. 

Liability for an Auto Accident Based on a Dangerous Intersection

The accident is still under investigation, which should shed light on which party (or parties) may be at fault. While most traffic accidents are the fault of a driver, in certain circumstances involving dangerous traffic conditions the government can be held liable instead of, or in addition to, the driver. The government is granted immunity from liability in the majority of situations but in some very complex cases its immunity may be waived.

The best thing an accident victim or the family can do when there is a suspicion that the government might be liable for an accident and to determine if the government’s immunity from liability is waived under the circumstances, is to contact an attorney.

There are strict time limits in filing a claim against a government entity: just 90 days. It’s important to act quickly to learn if there is a case. If you find yourself in a similar situation, call Gacovino, Lake & Associates at (800) 246-4878 to set up a consultation.

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