Partial Fingertip Amputation Risk Leads to Recall on Some Britax Strollers

Britax is recalling certain single and double stroller models due to the risk of injury. This includes B-Agile, BOB Motion and B-Agile Double strollers. The reason for the recall is that the hinge on the folding mechanism of the stroller can cause finger injuries — including serious lacerations, fractures, partial amputation and more.

The hazard stems from pressing the release button while pulling on the release strap. Consumers are urged to stop using the product immediately and contact Britax in order to receive a repair kit at no cost. The manufacturer so far has received eight reports consisting of severe lacerations, a broken finger and one partially amputated fingertip.

Steps to Take When a Children’s Product Causes Injuries

Parents and caregivers trust that products designed for children are safe. But too often, that’s not the case. Defects in the design or making of it can cause physical harm, which may leave a parent wondering what can be done.

Unless injuries are serious, it wouldn’t warrant seeking legal action through a product liability claim. For instance, a laceration usually isn’t considered to be a severe enough injury. However, an amputation (partial or complete) very well might be.

Contacting the manufacturer is one option. They may be ready to offer more than a free repair kit. In some cases, they might be willing to settle if the injuries sustained were serious.

However, if they result in substantial medical costs or significantly impact the child’s life — then the first step should be to seek legal advice. Baby strollers are often on the recall list. An attorney will evaluate the circumstances of the case to determine if the injuries were connected to the defect and the options that may be available.

Evidence will need to be gathered if it’s decided that a claim should be filed. This may include a copy of the recall, the product itself and medical records.

Holding a Company Responsible for a Defective Product

Holding a company responsible for a defective product is an overwhelming concept by far and can mark a multiple month- or year-long endeavor. The law firm of Gacovino, Lake & Associates has handled multiple defective product claims over the years. Put yourself in experienced hands and call 800-550-0000.

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