NY State Dangerous Drug Lawyer Discusses the Dangerous Drug Nuvaring

If you were injured by a drug such as Nuvaring, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn what types of damages may be available, you should seek legal counsel. 

A NY State dangerous drug lawyer may be able to help determine liability and collect the evidence that proves a drug caused your injuries. In addition, a lawyer can assist with other aspects of what can be a time-consuming and complicated claims process. 

An Overview of Nuvaring 

Nuvaring is a form of women’s contraception. The same hormones used in a birth control pill (progestin and estrogen) are contained in this device. Like many drugs, it does have some common side effects. 

Some of the common side effects seen with the Nuvaring include headache, irregular menstrual cycle, weight gain, breast tenderness and vaginal irritation. Many of these are the same types of unpleasant side effects experienced with the birth control pill. 

However, there may be other more dangerous side effects that could lead to serious injury or even death. If you or someone you love was a victim, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible. 

Dangerous Side Effects of Nuvaring 

There are several dangerous side effects associated with this particular form of contraception; depression is one of them. When women suddenly have difficulty sleeping, experience mood changes and feel fatigued, it could be a result of taking Nuvaring. 

Blood clots are another side effect that can develop. A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that forms in the lung, and deep vein thrombosis is a clot that forms in the leg. Blood clots can be deadly if not treated. 

Another side effect that could be experienced is a heart attack. If a woman is using Nuvaring and experiences chest pain or other symptoms of cardiac arrest, it could be an indication of cardiovascular problems. 

Some studies have even shown a link between breast cancer and Nuvaring. Although it may be difficult to prove, you should contact a NY state dangerous drug lawyer to discuss the possibility. 

Liver disease is another potentially life-threatening side effect that can develop. Recognizing symptoms early is vital to prevent the disease from turning deadly. 

Damages Stemming from a Dangerous Drug Claim 

If a dangerous drug caused you to suffer serious or life-threatening injuries or illness, then compensation may be available. You could be compensated not only for your financial losses but also for physical and emotional damages. 

Some of the types of damages that may be available in a dangerous drug claim include: 

  • current and future medical expenses;
  • current and future lost wages;
  • pain and suffering;
  • disability;
  • emotional distress;
  • reduced of quality of life; and
  • other losses resulting from the dangerous drug. 

Contacting a NY State Dangerous Drug Lawyer 

Liability for a dangerous drug may be found with the manufacturer. If it can be shown that inadequate warnings were provided or there was a failure to ensure its safety before marketing it, the maker could be liable for resulting injuries. 

In some cases, you also may be able to hold a doctor liable if he or she prescribed a drug to you and failed to warn you of side effects. Determining who is at fault in a situation like this can be a challenge, especially if more than one party is responsible. 

This is why you will need experienced legal counsel. For help understanding your legal options, contact a NY State dangerous drug lawyer at Gacovino Lake & Associates. Our law firm serves residents of the 5 boroughs and clients nationwide. For experienced help with your dangerous drug claim, contact us today at 800-246-4878.

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