N.J. Judge Voices Opinion to Add Isotretinoin to Accutane Mass Tort Litigation

In an April 14th proposal, Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Carol E. Higbee discussed the increased number of cases involving the generic version of Accutane – isotretinoin – over the past several years. Judge Higbee oversees the Accutane mass tort program and has voiced her opinion to combine isotretinoin litigation with Accutane litigation. The defendant manufacturers are Mylan Bertek Pharmaceuticals, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Barr Pharmaceuticals LLC, Barr Laboratories Inc., Cardinal Health 409 Inc. and Genpharm. Judge Higbee was assigned Accutane litigation as a mass tort in 2005 by the New Jersey Supreme Court. In her first case management order, Judge Higbee wrote, “these cases are centralized to avoid duplication and to prevent conflicts. These actions are not consolidated. Each case will retain its own docket number. Those cases previously consolidated in Atlantic County are now unconsolidated.”

A mass tort action is different than a class action. When dealing with mass torts, each plaintiff has an individual claim resulting from distinct damages, and each plaintiff has their own trial, whereas a class action involves one trial. If you or a loved one have taken Accutane and have experienced any side effects, you may be eligible to file a dangerous drug claim. A dangerous drug attorney can help you review your situation, as well as determine if you can file a lawsuit for a dangerous drug injury. At Gacovino, Lake & Associates, we have formed a dedicated network of personal injury lawyers to serve clients nationwide for their injury claims.

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