Nissan Recalls More Than 1 Million Vehicles for Faulty Airbag Sensor

Nissan has just announced a recall of more than 1 million vehicles in the United States and Canada. This comes on the heels of another recent massive recall from General Motors involving 1.6 million vehicles stemming from faulty ignition switches that the company waited a decade to announce.

This latest recall is the result of faulty sensors in the airbag system designed to discern an adult or child sitting in the front passenger seat. The airbag won’t deploy if there is a child in the seat. That’s because a child is more at risk of being injured or killed by an airbag than a crash itself. However, the defect is that even when an adult is in the seat, the airbag may not deploy.

Nissan has stated they aren’t aware of any deaths caused by the faulty sensor. But they have indicated knowing about two accidents where the airbag didn’t deploy. At this point, they still aren’t sure if those incidents were the result of a defective sensor.

The following models are being recalled: 

  • 2013 NV200 cargo van (aka Nissan taxi);
  • 2013 Infiniti JX35 crossover vehicle;
  • 2014 Infiniti Q50 sedan and QX60 crossover; and 
  • 2013-2014 Altima sedan, Leaf electric car, Pathfinder SUV and Sentra passenger car. 

The recall is expected to begin in mid-April. Nissan has indicated the remedy will be a free software update.

What to Do When It’s Believed a Recalled Vehicle Caused Injuries or Death

Once a defect has been discovered on a vehicle, the manufacturer is required to issue a recall. Consumers who have already been in an accident that was suspicious or in one shortly after the recall was announced may wonder if there is a connection. The best thing an injured victim or the family who has lost a loved one can do is to seek legal counsel at the offices of Gacovino, Lake & Associates. You can fill out our contact form in minutes.

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