New Safety Alerts Added to Statins

According to The New York Times, new safety alerts have been added to statins, because of the dangers the drug may possess. If you’ve been affected by a dangerous drug, you may have grounds for a claim.  Statins, which are used to treat high cholesterol, have been linked to memory difficulties. This has led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to include these additional side effect risks to popular drugs such as Crestor, Lipitor and Zocor.  Although these risks are important, it is believed that for most patients statins are beneficial in helping to prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular problems so they should not be fearful of taking them.  In addition to memory loss, other side effects may include muscle pain and diabetes. Those who develop diabetes while on the medication are being advised by some medical experts to continue taking statins because of the benefits to their heart.  In 2011 there were about 21 million patients in the U.S. placed on statins. There has been an ongoing dispute about the point at which an individual’s cholesterol is considered high enough to affirm the medication. For now, doctors should advise patients of the potential side effects and carefully monitor patients who are taking them. If you’re doctor fails to warn you, this may warrant a medical malpractice claim.

Injured by a dangerous drug? Call an Attorney Located in New York

When you have sustained a serious injury or lost a loved one because of a dangerous drug you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages and suffering. Consulting with a New York dangerous drug attorney can help you better understand your rights, determine liability for your injuries, and decide if filing a dangerous drug claim is right for you.  At Gacovino Lake & Associates we have formed a dedicated network of dangerous drug attorneys that serve clients nationwide. Our New York office serves residents of the 5 boroughs with their auto accident, medical malpractice, defective drug, premises liability, and Workers’ Compensation claims. For experienced help with your dangerous drug claim, contact us today– 1-800-246-4878.

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