Negligent Supervision on School Playground

When you send your child off to elementary school, you expect them to be safe and supervised.

When a first-grade girl was on the playground of her elementary school, she collided with an older, larger child while they were playing a game of running tag, an activity prohibited by school policy.

The young girl fell and hit her head on the pavement. Later that day, she developed a debilitating headache and was given an ice pack. About two hours later, she became unresponsive and suffered a seizure. She was diagnosed with a skull fracture and frontal brain bleed.

She is now nine-years-old and has a seizure disorder and cognitive deficits. It is unlikely that she will be able to live independently in the future.

Her medical expenses were approximately $81,400.

Her family sued the school district, claiming that it failed to adequately supervise the playground, which allegedly had an adult-to-student ratio of 4 to 700; provide prompt medical care after the incident; and control its students conduct and activities, creating a dangerous condition of public property.

The defense argued that the plaintiff’s damages were related to a congenital heart defect and prior hypoxic event.

The parties settled for $6 million.

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