Music Selection Could Impact Safety for Teen Drivers

Certain factors increase the risk of a teen driver being involved in a crash. The presence of passengers, inability to recognize hazardous situations and engaging in risky behaviors behind the wheel are just some examples. Newly licensed drivers may also be at greater risk.

A new study by Israeli researchers in Accident Analysis & Prevention suggests that the type of music that young adults listen to in the vehicle could also impact teen driving.

A new report shows that teens’ motor skills can be impaired if they listen to their favorite selections: those that cause distractions because they are tapping along to the music, singing or otherwise actively engaged in their tunes.

Teens listening to their favorite fast-tempo music are inclined to unwittingly act dangerously by: 

  • driving with just one hand on the steering wheel;
  • speeding;
  • acting aggressively by cutting off other drivers; and
  • tailgating.

The study also found the opposite effect when teenagers listened to more calming music. Since this age group is more prone to put on music while driving, these findings could create a greater awareness of the risks. It will also hopefully lead to more dialogue between teens and parents or instructors about the importance of keeping the music down or being choosier about music selection.

Other Risk Factors for Teen Drivers

There are other risk factors that increase the chance of a teen driver being involved in an accident, like intoxication. Not only is judgment impaired, but there is a greater chance of risky behavior. This may also include speeding and other reckless driving behavior.

Teen drivers also have a higher risk of being injured in a crash because they tend to have the lowest rate of seatbelt usage. Choosing not to buckle up could turn an already serious situation into a potentially fatal one.

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