Motorcyclist Wins $2.5 Million Settlement Against N.J. Transit

A Wayne motorcyclist who was critically injured in a 2011 crash involving three buses in the Lincoln Tunnel has reached a $2.5 million settlement with the New Jersey Transit.

One New Jersey transit bus rear-ended a second bus, which, in turn, rear-ended Keith Nystrom, now 49-years-old. He and his motorcycle were pinned against the bus ahead of him before he was thrown under the forward bus becoming trapped.  There were also 54 passengers on the buses who were injured in the crash, 14 of whom sustained serious injuries, according to reports at the time of the accident.  Air mattresses were needed to extract Nystrom from under the bus.

Nystrom has undergone four surgeries for both broken legs and a fractured arm, requiring a chest tube during his hospitalization. According to the lawsuit, Nystrom has no use of his left hand and limited use of his left arm due to nerve damage as a result of his injuries. He walks with a slight limp, at this time.

Nystrom worked as a computer associate for JP Morgan at the time of the accident, and continues to work at that job, although he has been transferred to Houston. Mr. Nystrom is married and has four children.

Although Nystrom should not have been riding in the bus lane, the lawsuit alleged that the first bus driver in the chain of collisions, who was traveling at 35 miles per hour, never put his foot on the brake prior to impact. The suit alleges that the bus driver did not see the bus in front of him stop, as he was distracted while looking in his right rear view mirror.

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