Long-Term Aspirin Use May Protect from Bowel Cancer

A 24-month study of 861 participants recently concluded. The study divided patients into two groups, half given aspirin and half given a placebo.  Of the 430 participants who were given aspirin (600 mg/daily), a total of 19 developed bowel cancer tumors as compared to the group given placebo, 34 participants developed tumors.  The findings showed that there was a 44% drop in tumor risk, but aspirin taken long-term, the percentage rose to no less than 63%.  According to Professor Burn, head researcher, daily aspirin intake could reduce three decades’ worth of new bowel cancers by 10,000 and possibly lower the death rate by 1,000.

Although side effects of long-term aspirin intake would obviously be a concern, as Professor Burn explained in a statement, “If we can prevent 10,000 cancers in return for 1,000 ulcers and 100 strokes, in most people’s minds, that’s a good deal.”

“People who’ve got a clear family history of, particularly, bowel cancer should seriously consider adding low dose aspirin to their routine and particularly those people who’ve got a genetic predisposition”, he added.

In addition to the benefits from taking daily aspirin for several years, specifically the benefit was greatest for cancers of the proximal colon, which are not otherwise prevented effectively by screening with colonoscopy.

Seems to me that if taking a couple of aspirin daily for a few years would prevent colon cancer, it would be worth the risk of a possible ulcer which possibly can be prevented by over the counter antacids or taking the aspirin with food.  I think it would be easier to deal with an ulcer than with colon cancer. Leave us your thoughts and opinions.

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