Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Rollover Accidents

If in a rollover accident, a Long Island personal injury lawyer may help recover appropriate compensation to cover damages. Legal consultation can help victims evaluate their claim to determine to which damages they may be entitled – and for how much – following the accident. 

Although a rollover accident is more commonly associated with SUVs, they can happen with other vehicles as well. These types of accidents are usually responsible for severe, disabling, or fatal injuries, and may result in high costs and significant damages. 

Common Causes of a Rollover Accident 

The types of vehicles most at risk for this type of accident are minivans, light trucks, and SUVs. Any vehicle that is top heavy has increased chances of rolling. Most of this has to do with a vehicle’s stability when the driver loses control. Sudden changes in driving direction and sharp turns can cause a vehicle to lose stability, turn on its side, and eventually flip over. 

Tread separation in tires can also increase the chance of a rollover. This could be the result of a defect in the design of the tires or the owner’s failure to properly maintain them. 

While many of these accidents involve a single vehicle, they can also occur in a multi-vehicle accident. Unfortunately, these accidents may result in the driver or passengers being ejected from the vehicle if not wearing a seatbelt. 

Common Injuries Sustained in a Rollover Accident 

A rollover accident may result in: 

  • head trauma;
  • spinal cord injuries;
  • multiple fractures; and
  • other devastating consequences. 

If the victim is not ejected from the vehicle, crushing injuries may occur, especially when the roof is weak. This can lead to damage to the spinal cord, nerves, and traumatic amputation, among other injuries. 

Passengers are at risk for piercing injuries from objects when the roof pins an individual inside. In some cases, the Jaws of Life will be required to extricate a victim. 

Head injuries may include mild concussions or may be severe traumatic brain injuries. Spinal cord injuries can lead to chronic pain or even paralysis depending on the severity and location of the injury. 

Compensation after a Rollover Accident 

If you were the victim of an accident, you may be facing expensive medical and hospital bills. If your injuries require long-term care, such as rehabilitation or physical therapy, this will only add to your financial burden and should be accounted for when calculating the damages you have incurred as a result of the accident. 

Not only could you be entitled to compensation for the cost of your medical care, you may be able to recover lost wages if you are not able to work as a result of the injuries you sustained. If you are permanently disabled, then your potential earnings may be recovered in a claim. 

You can also address in a claim: 

  • pain and suffering;
  • mental anguish;
  • disfigurement; and
  • other losses. 

To fully understand what you are entitled to seek in your claim, contact an attorney to review and evaluate your case. 

Contacting a Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer 

It’s important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. He or she can help determine who may be held liable. Depending on the circumstances, the other driver could be liable. If the rollover was caused by a defect in the vehicle or in one or more of its parts, the manufacturer may be responsible. 

To learn more about your legal rights and how to protect them, contact a Long Island personal injury lawyer at Gacovino, Lake & Associates. Our law firm serves residents of the five boroughs and clients nationwide. Don’t delay learning which legal options you may have available. Contact us today – 800-246-4878.

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