Lawsuit Filed After Woman Hospitalized from Bad Chia Seed Powder

A Colorado woman, hospitalized with Salmonella Oranienburg infection linked to the nationwide recall of sprouted chia seed powder, has filed a lawsuit against Navitas Naturals of Novato, California, which manufactures and sells this.

Carolyn Marie Shirley is one of at least 65 people in the U.S. and Canada who have been sickened by several brands of the powdered chia seed product, which were recently recalled in both countries. She became ill on March 14, 2014 after consuming Navitas Naturals chia seed powder purchased at her local Sprouts Farmer’s Market, which was subject to the recent recall.

Soon after she consumed the chia seed powder, Shirley began suffering from a gastrointestinal illness. Her condition became worse each day until she required hospitalization. While she was hospitalized, she tested positive for Salmonella Oranienburg. The main symptoms of this Salmonella infection include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. At the time her complaint was filed against Navitas Naturals on Thursday, she was still recovering from the Salmonella infection.

Salmonella is transmitted via food, water, or surfaces that have been contaminated with feces of an infected animal or person. Many animals carry Salmonella yet do not become sick. Salmonella can be found in unpasteurized egg and milk products, as well. It most cases, it is transmitted via the fecal-oral route from one infected person to another. Symptoms usually develop 6-72 hours after being infected and may be mild, however, an infected person can continue to carry Salmonella for weeks after the symptoms have subsided.

Besides from preparing food for others while infected, thoroughly cooking meat, chicken, egg and products, it is not recommended to consume unpasteurized eggs and milk products and strongly advised to wash hands, especially after using the bathroom and before handling or preparing food.

If you have purchased Navitas Naturals’ chia seed powder, you should return it to the place of purchase or throw away. If you or a loved one has become ill after consuming this product, contact one of our Gacovino Lake attorneys at 1-800-246-HURT (4878) for more information.

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