Lawsuit Against Rental Car Agency after Elderly Woman Injures Motorcyclist

Based on a news report from the New York Post, a lawsuit is being filed against a rental car agency after a 90-year-old woman seriously injured a motorcyclist on October 8.  Marion Clement, 90, of Manhattan, was making a left-hand turn in a rented Chevy minivan when she struck Angel Colon, 55, of Staten Island, on his motorcycle. The victim’s leg was severed in the accident.  Colon is not only filing a lawsuit against Clement but he is also going after Enterprise Rent-a-Car for allowing a senior to get behind the wheel of a car without having any proof that she was able to.  However in the state of New York, there are no age restrictions when it comes to driving and rental car companies do not have any special rules on renting to seniors. The victim would like to see this changed.  The lawsuit alleges that Enterprise acted in a negligent manner. However, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles, they did not break any laws.  If you were injured in a motorcycle accident or any other serious type of accident, then you should speak to a New York personal injury attorney to learn what legal options are available.  According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, there were 1,156 fatalities as a result of traffic accidents in the state of New York.

To help raise awareness of traffic safety in the New York area, our firm will frequently publish blogs about traffic accidents that occur throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond. We do this to raise awareness about the common types of motor vehicle accidents that occur in New York that may result in serious injury or traffic fatalities.

Among the most common types of traffic accidents in New York include:

  • accidents caused by hazardous road conditions;
  • single-vehicle crashes;
  • rollover accidents; and
  • “distracted driver” accidents or crashes caused by intoxicated drivers.

If you have been named in this blog or you are the victim’s family member or friend and would like the blog removed from our website, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly accommodate your request.

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