Just One Alcoholic Drink May Impair an Older Person’s Driving Skills

According to new research, just one alcoholic beverage could impair older drivers. Whether it’s a bottle of beer, a mixed drink or a glass of wine, driving skills could be impacted for those older than 55.

The University of Florida conducted a small study involving 72 healthy people. Half of the participants were ages 25 to 36 years old, and the other half were 55 to 70 years old. A simulated driving test focused on their steering abilities, along with maintaining a constant speed and remaining in their lane.

During the portion of the study in which the participants were served alcoholic drinks, at no point did their blood alcohol content level hit the legal limit of 0.08. However, the older group’s driving skills were reduced in terms of precision.

Researchers point out that the simulation was not as difficult as driving in real life would be because they did not include surprise elements that occur in reality, like pedestrians, animals and drunk drivers.

“Impairment can begin with the first drink, so it’s important for people to think about what they have had to eat, what medications they may be taking and how their body typically responds to alcohol,” said Jan Withers, the national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

How Impairment Could Factor Into a Personal Injury Case 

Whether someone is over the legal limit or not, if it can be proven the driver was impaired, this could help establish fault in an accident. Proving impairment would be especially important in the event of a drunk driving crash that results in serious or fatal injuries. An injured victim or the family of a loved one may pursue compensation outside New York’s no-fault system. To lean more, contact an attorney today at Gacovino, Lake & Associates: 800-550-0000.

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