What Information Does An Attorney Need to Know About My Case?

Before seeking a lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case, they will need certain information from you in order to best represent you. But what information is required?

When Did the Injury Occur?

What Information Does An Attorney Need to Know About My Case?The first question a personal injury lawyer will ask you is what date the injury occurred, or what date you first learned of the injury (whether by noticing symptoms, or by medical diagnosis). The reason for this is because each state has a statute of limitations, meaning that if your injury occurred too long ago, you may not be able to file a lawsuit.

How Did The Injury Occur?

After determining whether your injury falls within the designated state’s statute of limitations period, the next question a personal injury lawyer will as you is how your injury occurred. The more detailed you can be, the better, but a personal injury attorney wants to know how you were injured so that he can get an idea as to exactly what happened, and paint a bigger picture. If you have any documents stemming from the injury – such as an accident report, police report, any witnesses, or photos of the scene of the accident, be sure to tell your lawyer, and bring those to your consultation.

Where Did the Injury Occur?

The next question a personal injury lawyer will ask you is where this injury occurred. The reason for this is so that they can start to form a specific legal theory in representing you. For example, if you were injured in someone’s home, the lawyer’s legal theory would be different than if you were injured at your workplace, or driving in your car.

Was the Person Who Injured You “On The Job?”

The potential defendants in a personal injury lawsuit may include more than one person. Therefore, it is important that your attorney know whether the potential defendant (usually the other driver in a car accident, in this context) was “on the job” at the time he or she caused your injury. The reason why this is important is because if that driver was “on the job” when he or she hit you, you may be able to go after his or her employer for your injuries as well.

Medical Bills & Lost Wages

In personal injury cases, the amount your case is worth depends on the amount of damages that can be proven. Your personal injury lawyer will have a better frame of reference in examining all medical bills as a result of your injury, dates of work missed because of these injuries, receipts as a result of repairing any damage to your vehicle or property because of the injury or accident, and any other receipts stemming from the accident.

Has Anyone Contacted You?

Even before your lawsuit is filed, any contact from other parties involved in the accident (or their lawyers or insurance companies) may be very helpful in settlement negotiations, or even evidence at trial. This includes phone calls, e-mails, text messages, faxes, or face-to-face communications. If you have any physical correspondence mentioned above, be sure to bring such correspondence when you meet with your lawyer.

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