How to Increase Safety When Riding a Moped

Mopeds can save money on gas and are much less expensive to purchase than a motor vehicle or motorcycle. They are easy to use and don’t require much skill in learning to drive. Many people choose mopeds as a form of transportation to get to work, navigate an urban area or just to take a leisurely ride. But there are risks, so keep the following tips in mind to increase safety.

Safety Tips for Moped Riders

The following are ways a moped rider can stay safe: 

  • wear a helmet (one that meets Department of Transportation standards) and eye protection. Both are required in NY for mopeds that go anywhere from 20 to 40 mph but are recommended for those that go 20 mph or less;
  • wear other types of protective gear (jacket, pants, etc.);
  • consider taking a moped safety course (may address special riding situations and provide strategies);
  • don’t ride on the sidewalk (besides, it’s illegal in NY);
  • know where it can be operated (in NY, it can only be ridden in all traffic lanes if it’s capable of going more than 30 to 40 mph and can be ridden in the right-hand lane or shoulder only if it goes 30 mph or less);
  • always keep headlights on;
  • don’t wear headphones or earbuds;
  • avoid distractions (texting, talking on phone, etc.);
  • eyes should be on the road at all times, constantly scanning surroundings;
  • obey all traffic laws;
  • ride defensively;
  • don’t assume others can see the moped (compact size makes them less visible);
  • be aware of road hazards (train tracks, potholes, oil spills) that can be difficult for a moped to navigate;
  • wear bright colors in daytime and reflective clothing at night;
  • give plenty of notice when changing lanes or turning;
  • always use turn signals; and
  • avoid blind spots, especially around larger vehicles and trucks.

An accident between a moped and a vehicle often can be devastating to the moped driver even if he or she adheres to all safety precautions. Every licensed driver has a right to the road, and Gacovino, Lake & Associates believes in supporting those whose rights have been compromised because of the negligent or malicious actions of others. Injured moped drivers or their loved ones can call (800) 550-0000 to set up a consultation with our firm after an accident injury.

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