If You are Hit by a Delivery Truck Can You Sue?

What happens if a delivery truck crashes into you? You may assume that the driver doesn’t have money to pay for your injuries or the damage to your vehicle and think you couldn’t possibly sue. But how can you go after the company who employees the careless driver?

Can You Sue the Delivery Company?

Companies are typically held liable for their trucks and the accidents they cause if the truck driver is an employee and the driver was acting within the scope of their employment. What this means is that the driver is heading to or from a job, or doing things a truck driver would be expected to do as part of his job duties.

In some cases, the driver may be an independent contractor, or perhaps on their lunch break when the accident took place. The delivery company will most likely be held at least partly liable, after it is proven that their truck hit your vehicle.

Can You Sue the Driver and the Employer?

Just because you sue the company, it does not preclude you from suing the driver of the truck, as well. Should the company be found not liable, you may be able to recover for medical bills, lost wages, and other costs related to your injuries from the driver at fault.

If you sue the driver and the associated company, it is more likely that you will receive compensation by one or both parties.

Hit and Run Accidents or Unknown Hit by Unknown Truck

If you find that your vehicle has been hit while you were parked, you can still recover, even if you have no idea which company owns the truck. An experienced attorney can still file a lawsuit even if you do not know your injured you and will guide you in the investigation.

In many states, it may be illegal for the truck driver to leave the scene after causing damage to a parked car. These laws can help you prove the driver’s negligence and can help to speed up your recovery.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a delivery truck injury, you should contact one of our experienced Gacovino Lake attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your options. For a free consultation, call us at 800-246-HURT (4878).

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