GM Recalls New Buick Encores for Possible Steering Wheel Defect

General Motors Co. is recalling a small number of 2013 Buick Encores because the steering wheel could come loose or separate from the steering column, federal safety officials said today.

If the steering wheel separates from the steering column while driving, the ability to steer could be lost, increasing the likelihood of a crash.

The recall affects approximately 144 Encores equipped with heated steering wheels and built between December 9th and December 28th, GM said in a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The Encore, a new compact crossover vehicle, which was introduced in January by Buick, is built by GM Korea. There is a companion model sold by GM in Europe known as the Opel Mokka.

GM said in its filing that a steering wheel fastener on the Encore may not have been properly installed.

In a statement earlier today, GM said, “there are no known injuries or crashes related to this issue.”

The company noted that it already has contacted via telephone, 59 customers who had taken delivery of Encores with heated steering wheels “and their vehicles are being inspected.”

GM said the other 85 unsold Encore vehicles were being inspected at Buick dealerships “and none have been found to have the issue.”

GM will make any necessary repairs on the steering wheel at no charge to the customer.

The safety recall is expected to being by April 12th.

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