Gardisil Vaccine – Life-Saver or Life-Taker?

Gardisil vaccinations are the only vaccines, which claim to protect young girls ages 9-26 from 4 types of HPV and genital warts caused by HPV (human papillomavirus).   Gardisil helps protect against two types of HPV that cause 75% of cervical cancer and two more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases.  In boys and young men ages 9-26 Gardisil helps protect against 90% of genital warts cases.

Gardisil causes many problems because it contains polysorbate 80, which is carcinogenic and mutagenic.  When injected into rats, it causes their reproductive organs to grow and become sterile.  It also contains sodium borate, widely known for its use as a roach pesticide.

U.S. Library of Medicine lists side effects as vomiting, collapse, convulsions, and coma.  To date, there have been 21,000 reported cases of adverse injuries by Gardisil, more than 3,100 serious injury reports and more than 100 reported deaths.  Another article published by JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) described more than 12,000 reports of adverse events following Gardisil, such as anaphylactic shock, convulsion, foaming at the mouth, coma, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, paralysis, and death.

There have been 28 women who miscarried after receiving Gardisil.  The threat of blood clots, seizures, outbreak of genital warts and sudden death are documented in thousands of reports.

Merck lobbyists tried to mandate all schoolgirls as young as 9 years old to receive this three part vaccine.  If these girls are not sexually active, their chances of HPV infection and cervical cancer are zero.  Older women, under age 26 years old who receive regular pap screenings are protected since the screenings will detect any abnormal cells present in the cervix and can be quickly and safely treated.  The only ones who would benefit from the Gardisil vaccine series would be sexually active women not receiving annual pap tests.

It seems that there are many more risks from receiving the Gardisil than benefits.  Rick Perry tried to mandate that all girls entering 6th grade in Texas have the Gardisil vaccine.  It is said that Merck has contributed approximately $4,000,000 to his campaign in the past five years.

Texas girls as young as 9 years old are being force-vaccinated with this highly controversial HPV vaccine Gardisil.

This vaccine is controversial, and many say Gardisil is useless.  The very conditions it is given to protect against are so rare and easily treatable that it is not worth the risk Gardisil carries.  These skeptics claim the purpose of Gardisil was for Merck Pharmaceuticals to replace the billions they lost from Vioxx, which was pulled from the market after more than 50,000 deaths.  Since the three part series of Gardisil costs approximately $1,000 and paid for by Medicare and the taxpayers, Merck would easily succeed in replacing the cash cow Vioxx once was.

Over 35 million girls and boys have received Gardisil injections worldwide.  Think about the huge increase in Merck’s bank accounts! There have been 140 deaths and countless serious effects reported.  (Cervical cancer from HPV is only responsible for about 1% of all deaths).

There is often tension between private rights and public benefit.  Vaccinations against polio and whooping cough are mandatory in order to attend school but most states permit exemptions for medical or religious purposes, as well as based upon parents’ personal beliefs. In these states, incidence of these preventable diseases is higher.

HPV does not fall into the same category as bacteria or viruses, which can be spread by cough and the decision to vaccinate against HPV probably should be made by parents after discussing with their doctor.  It is possible that if all young women and men were vaccinated against HPV before becoming sexually active, cervical cancers one day will be a thing of the past.  However, this is a decision that should be made by the child’s parents or guardians, and by them only.  The government should not control whether or not a child is vaccinated.

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