Faulty Wiring to Blame for Hell’s Kitchen Fire That Kills One, Injures Another

Faulty wiring is many times to blame for fires. That appears to be the cause of a tragic high-rise building fire that claimed one life and seriously injured one other on West 43rd Street, near 10th Avenue.

Several other residents suffered minor injuries and weren’t treated at a hospital. There were also five firefighters who sustained minor injuries, according to ABC 7 in New York.

Investigators indicate the apartment where it started had a Christmas tree. But it’s not clear if the cord believed to have faulty electrical wires was plugged into it.

Possible Legal Options When Faulty Wiring Causes Injuries or Death

The type of wiring may impact the legal options that victims of faulty wiring may pursue. For instance, in a case where a power cord is to blame, it could be the manufacturer of the product that’s liable in a product liability claim. Faulty wiring in products is not entirely uncommon. It can happen with a variety of electrical sources.

But if it involves wiring in a residence—such as an apartment, hotel, or condominium—then the property owner could potentially be at fault. It may be that the owner failed to properly maintain the premises and as a result did not detect signs of faulty wiring. This could lead to a premises liability claim.

Establishing the source of faulty wiring is just one step in determining liability. The next is being able to prove it stemmed from negligence. These types of cases can be very challenging, so it’s best to consult legal counsel.

An attorney can determine if there is a case and if so, the type of claim that should be filed. Talk to a lawyer with Gacovino, Lake & Associates if you or a loved one is injured due to defective wiring. Call 800-550-0000 to schedule your consultation.

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