Fatal Multi-Vehicle Crash in Brooklyn Leaves One Woman Dead

Determining fault in multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated. That could be the situation in a recent collision involving two cars and a tractor-trailer in Brooklyn.

A driver of a Pontiac was heading south when a Volkswagon traveling west collided with her vehicle. After the collision with the Volkswagon, the driver of the Pontiac then hit a tractor-trailer. The Volkswagon hit a light post.

Tragically, the 54-year-old woman whose vehicle struck the tractor-trailer was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. The driver of the other car was listed in stable condition according to news reports, and the truck driver suffered no injuries.

Fault When Multiple Vehicles Are Involved in an Accident

Alternately, other multi-vehicle accidents can be relatively easy to assign fault. For instance, in a chain reaction rear-end collision, the initial person who struck the back of a vehicle is often at fault. That’s because motorists are expected to keep a safe distance between themselves and the car in front of them that, should a car in front have to slow or stop, there’s enough room to brake without colliding.

Other accidents require a more thorough investigation of the events that led to the initial collision. News reports shortly after the aforementioned accident indicate that police were still investigating the cause.

It’s also possible that more than one party is liable in multi-vehicle accidents. In New York, any person who suffers injuries can recover compensation provided they are less than 100 percent responsible for the accident. Of course, damages awarded are reduced by the individual’s percentage of fault. So if a driver is 99 percent responsible for an accident and his or her damages totaled $50,000, the individual would only be able to recover $500.

If you were involved in a serious multi-vehicle accident, Gacovino, Lake & Associates can help you explore liability of each party involved.

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