Family of Deceased Patient Sues Minn. Nursing Home

December 14, 2010 – St. Peter, MN – The family of a deceased nursing home patient is suing the home on claims that the staff repeatedly dropped the elderly patient and failed to identify and treat a deadly medical condition, The Free Press has reported.  When Esther Rannow, 91, was first taken to Benedictine Living Community in St. Peter, her children began to notice an immediate decline in the elderly woman’s health. Rannow became dependent on a wheelchair when she had previously been able to walk unassisted. Additionally, Rannow complained of being handled harshly several times.  On more than one occasion, careless handling by the staff of Benedictine Living Community led to Rannow being dropped and sent to a local hospital for treatment.

In October 2007, during a visit from 4 of her daughters, a staff member dropped Rannow again, causing Rannow to lose consciousness.  Rannow never regained consciousness. She was taken to a neighboring hospital, where she later died.  That incident, another similar incident that happened a month earlier and multiple bruises and cuts found on Rannow’s body gave the family more than enough reason to file a nursing home abuse claim in 2010. It was discovered that the ultimate cause of Rannow’s death was a urinary tract infection that went untreated and led to septic shock. Rannow’s death may have been prevented had the infection been treated earlier.  Rannow’s family has hit the nursing home with a wrongful death lawsuit. Benedictine Living Community is denying all allegations.  The case is currently pending trial.

Contacting a New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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