Family Awarded $7.3 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a Department of Transportation supervisor who was killed in Connecticut in 2012 has been awarded $7.3 million in a wrongful death lawsuit.

41-year-old DOT supervisor had pulled over to the side of the highway, parked his vehicle on the right shoulder and had turned on his emergency lights before exiting the state-owned vehicle. It was reported that at the same time, a tractor-trailer traveling northbound suddenly veered out of the right lane and struck the man, causing fatal trauma injuries.

The victim’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and her employer, PTX Services of Plymouth, a Wisconsin trucking company.

According to court documents, the driver of the semi-truck pleaded guilty in August 2013 to misconduct with a motor vehicle and was sentenced to five years in prison, suspended after two years with three years’ probation.

A Hartford Superior Court jury awarded PTX Services to pay $7.3 million in damages to the estate of Daniel DiNardi, 41-year-old father of two, for their loss.

While no amount of money can ever compensate for the loss of a loved one, a financial award is certainly both deserved and justified when the crash was caused by someone else’s negligence. To learn more about pursuing a claim, contact one of our experienced Gacovino Lake attorneys at 1-800-246-HURT (4878).

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