Fall Hazard Leads to Recall of Infant Carrier

Defects in children’s products can create dangers of which a parent is completely unaware. A common danger for children is falls because they are trying to master multiple physical skills at once, especially toddlers. Although falls typically involve toys and products such as highchairs, virtually anything designed for children that has a defect could create a fall hazard.

An example is Playtex’s Hip Hammock infant carrier, the subject of a recent recall. This product, which rests on the adult’s hip and is secured around the shoulder, takes the weight off the back and allows free movement of hands and arms while carrying a child.

However, the shoulder straps and buckles on the waist can break or crack, posing a fall hazard. There have already been 87 reports of this occurring, with two involving injuries. In one incident, the infant had to receive treatment in an emergency room.

Sold nationwide in stores and online, anyone who has this product should immediately stop using it. Consumers can obtain a full refund by contacting Playtex Products, Inc.

Common Types of Fall Hazards in Defective Children’s Products

In the past year there has been several recalls for products that pose the risk of a child falling and getting injured including: 

  • sitting stools;
  • car seat stroller adapters;
  • kickboards/scooters;
  • mini bikes;
  • baby jogger strollers;
  • sandals;
  • beds;
  • boots; and
  • trampolines.

Some of the injuries associated with products that pose a risk of falling include cuts, scrapes, fractures and head injuries. When a children’s product is defectively designed and/or manufactured and it results in serious or fatal injuries, the manufacturer may be strictly liable through a product liability claim.

In some circumstances, more than one party can be held responsible, including a retailer or distributor, depending on the circumstances. If your child was seriously or fatally injured from a children’s product, contact an attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates to discuss legal options: 800-550-0000.

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