Failure to Anticipate Motorcycles Increases Risk of Accidents

When a motorcyclist has been struck by another vehicle, it’s not uncommon for the driver to indicate he/she didn’t see the bike. Reduced visibility (because of a motorcycle’s smaller size and potential to be obscured behind other vehicles or objects) has always been a major issue. New research suggests that drivers often aren’t expecting to encounter motorcycles.

This was demonstrated through a driving simulator, in which participants were told to look for both buses and motorcycles. One group was shown a higher number of buses than motorcycles. The other group a higher number of motorcycles than buses.

Attention was paid more often to the vehicle shown in greater numbers. Meanwhile, participants shown higher numbers of bikes were able to see the motorcycles about 167 feet farther away than the other group. This gave them an extra three seconds in which to respond when driving at 37 mph.

As motorcycles are less common than passenger vehicles, the researchers suggest that other drivers may fail to see them because they are less common.

How Visibility May Impact a Motorcycle Accident Case

Although it’s true that motorcyclists can help increase visibility by wearing bright colors in the day or reflective clothing at night, for example, it is still the responsibility of every driver on the road to remain observant of his/her surroundings. This is especially true in certain circumstances such as in heavy traffic or when making a left turn at an intersection.

Regardless of whether a driver sees a motorcycle, if his/her actions were careless or reckless, it could still lead to legal action if an accident causes severe or fatal injuries to the rider.

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