Evidence That Could Help Locate a Hit and Run Driver

Those injured in a hit and run accident often feel victimized twice. Not only because of the physical harm resulting from someone else’s negligence. But in that there is no ability to take recourse against that individual.

Sometimes, however, the driver is eventually caught. This may be more likely when there is some type of evidence, such as video surveillance. In fact, video surveillance and witness information helped police capture the driver of a minivan in Queens who struck and killed a 79-year-old woman.

A nearby camera captured the driver turning the corner, hitting the pedestrian, backing up, and then pausing before driving away. According to news reports, police later arrested and charged a suspect.

Evidence That Could Help Catch a Hit and Run Driver

Getting the vehicle’s license plate number is one of the best pieces of evidence that could aid in finding a driver who flees the scene of an accident. Sometimes if the person who was struck didn’t see it, a bystander or an occupant of another vehicle may have.

As already mentioned, video surveillance mounted near a business, parking lot or other areas could also be useful. If the accident happened at a red-light intersection, photographs may help distinguish the vehicle involved.

Victims or witnesses should give any information as to the make, model and color of the vehicle to law enforcement. Making mention of obvious damage, such as to the front hood or other marks like a rusted passenger door, is also of importance.

If the victim or a witness can provide a description of the driver, this can be helpful, too. Gender, ethnicity, the person’s clothing, hair color and other details of his/her appearance could help locate the person.

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